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The Nitty Gritty

Once we were settled in a B and B in the village of Sillico near our property we decided to tackle the problem of mail. When we were still in the states we had noticed that there wasn't an address listed in our house paperwork.  We realized that the property does not have a mailbox and we forgot to ask the previous owners how they got their mail. We headed to the closest city with a post office, Pieve Fosciana.  There we attempted to find out if we could be added to the mail route if we bought a mailbox or if we had to get a post office box. The gentleman working there spoke some English, but still it was a struggle, as neither party was sure that the other had truly understood.  Finally, we gave in and called Marco.  It turned out we could get mail at the house if we put a mailbox along the main road, but it may take a while for the mail to arrive consistently without problems.  We decided to go ahead and get a post office box so we could get our supplies from Oregon and work on buying a mailbox later.  Unfortunately, the post office was closing by the end of this two hour discussion. Filling out the necessary paperwork would mean we would have to wait until tomorrow. The next day we stood in line for nearly an hour waiting our turn. We had finally started the paperwork when they asked for a copy of our Codice Fiscale cards. Jeremy and I have Codice Fiscale numbers (similar to American social security numbers) given to us for the purpose of creating our mortgage, but we were never given official cards. The postal manager told us that they absolutely needed a copy on file of an official document with our numbers and that we would have to get these documents from the tax office in Castelnuovo di Garfagnana.  Afterward, which the post office would be once again closed.  We went over to the tax office 5 minutes to closing expecting to be rejected and told to return tomorrow. Instead, we experienced the most friendly service in Italy to date. Apparently, if you are interested in paying Italian taxes there is little they won't do for you. They stayed open late with the use of a personal translator just to get us our official tax number documents.  We walked away feeling elated at our success in becoming closer to real accepted Italian residents.  The next day we got our post office box with only minor difficulty and went on to our next challenge in our determination to establish a home in Italia.